A straightforward guide to using React Hooks for global state management

Cartoon turtle: “I don’t always replace Redux, but when I do replace Redux… I just write another Redux, muhahaha!”
Original artwork by the author.

Improve the reusability and performance of JavaScript through functional programming

Turtle comic
Image by the author.

First-Class Functions

Definition, props, pure components, inner state, lifecycle, and performance for both class and functional components

cartoon turtle asking what is the difference between class and functional components
Original drawing by the author

Define React Component

Routes, 404, links, redirects, asynchronous loading, and more

Drawing of turtle answering questions
Image by the author.

How to follow values and principles to become Agile.

A bit of a history

What is servant leadership, and why did The Scrum Guide change its definition?

Misunderstanding of the servant leader

Micromanagement in Agile and Scrum

Symptom 1: Daily Scrum for daily report

Changes in Scrum commitment, grooming, and the team

A forecast replaces commitment.

Cross-functional teams in Agile and Scrum

Functional vertical teams

Martin Novak

Martin is a product manager at work, a software developer in his free time, and an entrepreneur at heart.

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