JSON Web Token in Node.js from basics to code examples

JSON Web Token (JWT) is a standard RFC 7519 for exchanging cryptographically signed JSON data. It is probably the most popular current standard of authorization on the web, especially when it comes to microservices and distributed architecture.

As a developer, when you are asked to implement a modern web application…

Improve the reusability and performance of JavaScript through functional programming

Turtle comic

Currying and higher-order functions represent the basics of functional programming. Because JavaScript directly supports them, they can turn your code into pure magic.

They can have a notable positive impact on the reusability and performance of your code through functional programming.

First-Class Functions

One of the functional programming features of JavaScript…

Definition, props, pure components, inner state, lifecycle, and performance for both class and functional components

cartoon turtle asking what is the difference between class and functional components

React gives you a choice between using a more imperative code style with class components or using the more declarative functional approach with functional components.

The fact that React allows you to create components as pure functions is one of the main reasons why I love the framework.

Define React Component


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